14:45 photo - Oil worker lay pipe into an oil well in Talpa, Texas, Friday, May 23, 2008. Many experienced oilfield workers left the industry in the mid-1980s during the oil bust, when a barrel sold for less than $10. Now, with prices over $100 a barrel, many drilling companies are hiring workers with little or no experience.
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  •  Training & Education Resources: 

Association members may receive discounts through various endorsed safety training or oil & gas industry required certification programs.
  •  Free Posting Of Resume By Oilfield Workers Seeking Employment Opportunities:

The Oilfield Workers Registry is a FREE service to the oil & gas industry, allowing those interested in oil filed job positions to submit their resumés to a unique database of oil patch workers for thousands of oil and gas employers to view at any time.
The online resumé database is specifically tailored to the oil & gas industry, to allow oilfield employers to search for personnel based on specific criteria such; as location or qualifications and to allow job seekers to provide oilfield relevant information to employers in a searchable format.

This registry is strictly for companies operating primarily in the oil and gas industry, and for job seekers interested in oilfield positions including but not limited to the following oilfield job positions:

 Engineers / Rig Hands / Surveyors / Jughounds / Slashers / Well Testers / Land & Offshore Drillers / Consultants / Accountants & Bookkeepers / Geophysicists Chemists / Swampers / Hotshot Drivers / Heavy Equipment Operators / Wireline Operators / Battery Operators / Seismic Drillers / Pipe Locators Land Agents Geologists / Managers & Supervisors / Drafts People / Computer Programmers & Technicians / Entry Level-Helpers

There is currently a desperate need for laborers and trades workers in the oil industry. Companies everywhere are scrambling to find and keep willing field workers.
There are thousands of high paying oilfield jobs available around the world to people who are willing to work hard, work long hours, and work away from home.
  •  Free Employer Posting For Job Positions Currently Available To Oilfield Workers



We also feature numerous FREE links directly to endorsed online job placement agencies and to oil & gas industry employers who are interested in immediately hiring qualified Independent Oil & Gas  Consultant Association members on via Association Endorsed Pre-Reviewed Independent Oil & Gas Consultants MSA.


  • Independent Consultant Master Service Agreements (MSA) - Professional Review Assistance:

Association Endorsed Certified Insurance Counselors , Certified Risk Managers , and Board Certified Attorneys can provide MSA reviews to assist members who need professional advise and/or guidance in understanding & negotiating MSA contractual terms , employment conditions , and/or commercial insurance requirements; which need to be appropriate and mutually acceptable to all parties to the agreement.

  • Professional  Accounting ,  Book Keeping , and Income Tax Filing Services: 

Association Endorsed Professional Accounting ,  Book Keeping , and Income Tax Filing Services provide our members with the financial support services they need to effectively maintain limited liability enterprises such as an LLC , S-Corporation , or Corporation's required accounting records; often at very afford costs which are usually more than off set by the additional tax deductions savings only qualified Professional Accounting & Tax Filing Services can identify - before and during preparation of an incorporated entities income tax return.

Most of our members simply do not have the time, desire, or accounting experience needed to maintain detailed monthly accounting records and/or prepare complicated annual income tax returns; so many of our members gladly subscribe to one or more of the Professional Accountings ,  Book Keepings , and Income Tax Filing Services our association proudly endorses.

  • Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance Programs: 

Basic Commercial Property & Casualty Insurance Programs - Include general liability , commercial auto liability & other vehicle coverages , and/or workers compensation insurance.

Custom Designed P&C Insurance Programs - May also include optional coverages such as contractual liability , commercial umbrella liability , pollution liability ,  professional liability , employment practices liability , crime coverage (including employee dishonest & theft ),  protection & indemnity ( marine cargo / vessel coverage ), commercial equipment insurance, cargo insurance coverage ( marine or inland ), and commercial property.

Our Surplus & Special Lines Insurance Company Programs are specifically designed to meet the special insurance needs of independent oil & gas industry consultants or other oil & gas industry related operations; which typically requires special Blanket Additional Insured With Primary & Non-Contributory and Blanket Wavier Of Subrogation Endorsements that are certified by an ACORD 25 Certificate Of Insurance issued to the Certificate Holder as defined within the MSA.

  • Risk Management Services:

Online assistance is also available to all members who have not yet filed to incorporate their individual consulting business enterprise into one of the many established forms of legally limited liability entities available to them such as an LLC, LP , Corporation , S - Corporation ,ect.

This is the essential first step (which our Association highly recommends) that new members should take to protect their personal assets from being exposed to the many risks typically assumed under oil & gas Master Service Agreements (MSA) by an Independent Consultant . Insurance policies are simply not designed to cover every kind of exposure to risk or loss that could occur under a typical oil & gas MSA ; as most insurance policies contain numerous limitations of coverage , exclusions , policy limits, and/or other restrictive policy endorsements which could possibly result in an uninsured loss occurring.

We can also offer members access to onsite loss control and safety inspections services to identify potential hazards that should be correct before a loss  Our Association endorsed risk management professionals that are familiar with the various aspects of oil field risks or exposures. OSHA requirements, and many other regulatory requirements. Most of members realize applying implementing adequate loss control practices before a claim occurs is much more cost effective than incurring substantial claims that only drive annual commercial insurance premiums upward.


  • Group Health / Life / Dental / Vision / Disability Program:

Our Association Endorsed Group Health / Life / Dental / Disability Income Insurance Program - Designed to offer our members and their employees + dependents quality small employer group health / life / dental / and disability insurance coverage at competitive & affordable group rates.

  • Supplemental Annuity Retirement Income Program:

Our Association Endorsed Supplemental Annuity Retirement Income Program -  Offers members a safe , secure , convenience monthly investment program designed to supplement their social security benefits and any other retirement income plans members may currently have. Only Guaranteed Life Income Annuities can  provide participating members the security of receiving guaranteed fix monthly income payments for life. Optional survivor income joint life income annuities are also available for surviving spouses that require the same monthly income payment amount for life.

  • Governmental National Energy Political Reform Advocacy

NAIOGC.org advocates a balanced environmental approach to maintaining mother earth's clean air , clear water , other natural resources , all of it's greatest natural beauties on land or sea ; as well as providing protection for it's wild life on a global basis.

While each of us understand the need to achieve these goals our nation's political leaders must also understand & realize that only through reasonable regulations on a global wide basis with many energy producing and consuming nation's support can humanity ever hope to achieve such worthy objectives.

However, American Tax Payers can no longer afford to bare the vast majority of such costs alone ; effective environmental protection of our beautiful planets critical resources of clean air and water are world wide issues that will require world wide multi-nation participation to resolve.

Therefore our political leader should be focusing on gathering global support for the control of green house emissions and protection of our oceans . lakes  & rivers; along with seeking significant financial matching support from such efforts from the Arabian Nations,  Russia , Brazil , Venezuela and many other nations who regularly benefit by participation in the trading, selling , and distribution of oil & gas products to America; which generates many countries trillions of dollars in annually revenue to many other nations.

Additionally; rather than place such an enormous cost directly on our nation's tax payers to convert from traditional energy resources when American's economy future is at risk we simply can not afford to gamble our future energy supply on primarily solar and/or wind farm generated power resources.

Many of our members have expressed their concerns that our nations current governmental leaders should instead be more concerned with how they can help make our traditional energy industries be more cost efficient and productive; specifically by removing unjustified restrictions that are major energy job killers.

Therefore, we are seeking the support of all member to contact their local senate and house representatives today to urge them to expedite the release of all necessary permits and any other regulatory documentation that will allow our energy industries the ability to create the million + new energy related jobs our nation so desperately needs; to restore our economy an create many thousands of  permanent private section jobs.

" Many Hard Working American's Need Job's Today - Not Six Months From Now"

NAIOGC.org  Contends America's Energy Independence Is Not An Option But Rather A Requirement; if America is to remain one of the greatest beacons of freedom & innovation that humanity has ever witnessed then America as a nation must again become energy independent.

  •  NAIOGC.org Posts Oil & Gas Conventions & Industry Trade Shows To Promote Membership Participation  :